The Soulmate Myth

We’ve probably all believed it at some stage, the ‘soul mate’ myth – he’s the one, she’s the one, only to find out that they’re not the one at all. They’re simply the one we chose to ‘settle down’ with at the time because it felt right or because we didn’t have any better options.

The more I think about the wide spread myth of ‘the one’, the more and more illogical it seems. In a world inhabited by 7 billion people what is the statistical probability of you bumping in to ‘the one’ in your local supermarket? Obviously upon closer inspection this myth clearly seems like Disneyfied nonsense but we buy in to it anyway. Why? Could it be the widespread social conditioning that encourages us to settle down with ‘the one’, raise a family, follow the rules and live happily ever after if we’re lucky?

The ‘one’ doesn’t exist, we choose ‘one’ who ticks enough of the right boxes and invest in them and our relationship in order to make it work.


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