Liar, Liar

Why do we lie? We lie to alter outcomes. We lie to control situations that are not always ours to control. We lie because we fear the repercussions. Why do we cheat? We cheat because we don’t want to accept the consequences of the truth. We cheat because it’s the easy way to get what we want.

“He doesn’t understand me but he’s a good dad so I’ll fuck the bad boy and it’ll be our little secret!” or “She’s not freaky enough in the bedroom but my side chick does things that would shame the devil.”

Justification conjured up to mask the fear of losing what we have. We are now slaves to our lies and when they eventually come to light as they often do, drama ensues – Integrity diminished, trust equity squandered, your word isn’t shit.

Maturity is not based on age, it’s based on self-awareness and acknowledgement of the universal laws that govern us all – one of them being that you reap what you sow. The ability to tell the truth and accept the outcome is a signature hallmark of a person with integrity and substance – meaning when they speak their words carry weight and whether you like it or not, you know where you stand. They don’t pander or suck up to curry favour, they don’t tolerate brattish or bitchful behaviour and when they cut you out for acting up you’re left feeling perplexed because you never saw it coming.

For many of us guys, the notion of being completely upfront and honest with a female for the most part seems counter intuitive. For sure we could have more notches on our bedpost if we lie, cheat and deceive but there comes a point when a mature man refuses to sell his soul for pussy. He knows the value of what he brings to the table and he’s discerning with whom he decides to invest his time in. If his desires are not met he’ll be honest with himself and others and he won’t hang around or string the other person along. It’s about quality not quantity and time is the most precious commodity we have. But yet we stay in relationships that clearly add no value to our lives and we let fear dictate our actions.

I believe a mentality of scarcity in finding another and the feeling of having invested too much to quit is what often paralyses us in to a state of perpetual denial. But what price would you place on your peace of mind and the power to direct your life as you see fit? What price would you place on your ability to curate the experiences that shape your reality? For something so valuable we are quick to pawn it out in favour of the path of least resistance. We put up and shut up, we tolerate and accept, we remain still when we should be in motion. We lie to ourselves and others in the hope that the same old actions will produce new results – this is the very definition of insanity.

Be prepared to lose what you have in order to gain what you want. The truth hurts but the truth sets us free.


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