The Art of Failure

The older I get the more I learn to embrace what we call ‘failure’. To have the freedom and courage to push beyond my boundaries and find comfort in the uncomfortable is what helps to develop my strength of character in an ever increasingly hostile world.

I’ve failed many times in life both in business and in relationships and this has liberated me from the fear of failure because the imagination is almost always worse than the reality. Many of us live our lives governed by made up rules and regulations that keep us stunned by fear as we’re ushered along the conveyor belt of life about to be ground to death like livestock. The fear of losing our jobs, our homes, our money, our partners and anything else that we are enslaved to is what really owns us. The magnificent human spirit in all its glory has been reduced to a dull shade of melon collie monotony fighting for the scraps excreted out of the arse hole of life.

The formular is simple; we fail, we learn and then we fail less until we eventually succeed enough to manage failure more efficiently. The day I stop failing is the day I truly fail because in my experience true growth and self-awareness doesn’t come from success. When I’m winning I’m too busy having a great fucking time to sit and reflect and ponder on how great shit is, I’m just having fun doing what the fuck I please which has always been my preference.

Some of my most valuable lessons in life have been my biggest failures and I’m so grateful. I’m grateful that I lost a shit load of money on various business ventures that I embarked on over the years, I’m grateful that I’ve had my heart broken by someone who I loved dearly and I’m grateful for every little bump along the road that has helped to mould me in to the man I am today. Most of all I’m grateful that I am fully aware that life probably has many more painful and fucked up curve balls to throw at me because this is when I rock up to bat with fire in my belly, and this is when I find my greatest success.

Success is not measured by what I have in the bank; it’s measured by the extent to which I am content with life. This is not to say that I don’t intend to be filthy rich and insanely happy, what this means is that whether I ‘fail’ or ‘succeed’ I will never be too afraid to try because failure is the birth place of greatness.

Now this may sound corny or even plagiarised from some dusty old self-help book but it’s my experience and my reality and I’m not here to change minds. I’m hear to air my thoughts so I can better understand my mental universe and if you’re able to gain some value from that, then all the better for it.


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