Man – A dying breed

As a 37 year old male the natural instinct for me to embrace who I am at my core becomes stronger with each passing day. I find the more honest and authentic I am with myself and others, the more power and control I have to create my reality.

This path of manhood and enlightenment allows me to literally speak another language, especially when communicating with the opposite sex. There is something raw and primal about a man who gives little regard to the usual codes and conventions that society in-grains in us from the moment we are born.
Social etiquettes dictates that we should behave a certain way – fuck that. Social etiquettes dictate that expressing our rawest desires and emotions is taboo – fuck that too. Religion and politics have been put in place to control and subdue mankind, creating sissified, weak-minded, timid and insecure versions of ourselves. This is usually wrapped up in many layers of luke-warm communication and hidden agendas that have evolved over many years. I believe sexually, as a species we have regressed as many of us have lost the ability to embrace our primal instinct and say ‘Yes, I want to fuck you’ to her face.
No giggling like a pussy, no cheesy chat up lines, no gimmicks, just raw intent.

…and here lies the point, when a women says she want’s a ‘real man’ I believe what she is referring to is a man who is in tune with his primal instincts as a male, he’s direct, self-assured, has a sense of purpose and can in-still in her the confidence that allows her to fully embrace her true femininity even beyond her own consciousness.

We expect women to be able to put their finger on ‘it’ which is like asking someone to intricately explain what constitutes the ‘x factor’. Why would they even if they could? So we can pretend to be it? You either have it or you don’t’. This is not to say it can’t be learnt or cultivated but this is very much an individual journey of internal reflection and growth. Stripping back the layers of bullshit and embracing your path with authenticity, or in order words, not giving a fuck about impressing others, truly following your own desires coupled with the ability to create your own reality. That’s a man, a rare breed.