The cords of Orgasm

Being the inquisitive soul that I am, I’m genuinely fascinated by the way a woman reaches her orgasm. I’m not talking about the standard early morning romp when she climaxes, rolls out of bed and hops in the shower to get ready for work. I’m talking about the teeth grinding, face slapping, pussy clenching, body quivering orgasm that causes her to wail like a banshee.

Sex for me is like a really good fragrance, so if a quickie is the Eau De Toilette then an intense and passionate encounter is more like the Eau de parfum, a Tom Ford Tabaco Vanille perhaps. And like any good fragrance a quality orgasm has 3 ‘cords’ – The ‘Head cord’ which gives you the initial hit, the ‘Heart cord’ which comes through after half an hour or so and the ‘Base cord’ which subtly captivates you days after when you catch a whiff as you open the closet door. These fragrances are skillfully mixed together by a keen nose and layered on top of each other to create that harmonious scented orgasm with the richness that will ring out for days.

Let’s unpack this a little further…the ‘Head cord’ for me is foreplay, this is when I start to push her buttons and tune in to her frequency. This is a sensory exploration from head to toe – sniffing, licking, biting, scratching, slapping and teasing the life out of every curve and every bump until she’s flush with sexual frustration. Her thigh twitches as she feels the sudden coldness of my tongue flick, the stomach tenses as I breath deeply around her mid section, the eyes squint as I come in growling like a dog hovering around the side of her neck about to sink my teeth in – hard. Any moment she could find my hands wrapped around her neck like a hangman’s noose or my tongue between her legs swirling around her clit while she juices up in anticipation of the cords yet to come.

Amidst the aroma of extreme sexual tension the ‘Heart cord’ starts to ring out. The strength of which dominates all her senses as she inhales deeply when I enter her universe. She needs time to recalibrate, the ‘Heart cord’ is deep and strong, full bodied and intense so she prepares her mind to embrace. Every stroke is timed and considered as I watch closely for the involuntary reactions that guide me towards her orgasm. A certain angle that strokes her clit, or the position of my hands around her waist sinking in deep above her hipbones.

Her pussy starts to clench up and I know she won’t be able to control it for much longer; this is when I bring her back. She let’s me know how close she is to climax on a scale of 1 to 10 so my aim is to keep her in a perpetual state of ‘imminent orgasm’. I bring her back and forth whilst relishing the beautiful sound that signifies she’s about to erupt uncontrollably. At this point it’s like fanning the flames and enjoying the warmth, as it grows in to something wild and untamed.

Finally I give her permission to cum and without hesitation the flames erupt as if doused with gasoline. She’s kicking and slapping and thrashing around as I calm her by stroking her body. I channel the energy of her orgasm by massaging her body outwards from her center and she regains her composure. Have you every seen anything else like it? Who made this creature?

Now the beauty of the ‘Base cord’ is that it lives on long after the other cords have faded. But unlike the fleeting realm of sent the mind holds on to memories and feelings for much longer. The mind has a way of unapologetically interrupting the mundane routine of everyday life and whisking you away with memories of past encounters. These memories are intense and vivid, full of colour and raw emotion masked by the need to compose oneself for fear of judgment.

Imagine if we could all embrace what’s buried deep inside openly and freely like our ancestors did many moons ago, what a fucking trip that would be.