Slut Theory – The Madonna Whore Complex

Sigmund Freud said: “Where such men love, they have no desire and where they desire, they cannot love.”

This to me is a poignant observation for which I have my own views. How many is too much, 1, 5, 10, 50? At what number is a women’s moral compass called in to question? Is this rudimentary logic really the yardstick for which society uses to asses a women’s Character?

Lets explore this theory a little. Most men would say they want a virgin, above all else chastity is held up as the panicle of virtue and self-respect, so much so that misguided fools blow them selves up in the promise of 72 virgins. This is a quality women of high moral standings, a women fit to have on my arm, a women fit to raise my children, but I soon tire of her because she’s sexually inexperienced, she needs time to learn, to explore and to grow. Why should I bother when I can fuck the whore who knows exactly what I want and is experienced enough to take me to that level of ecstasy that I long for.

Does this logic really hold up to scrutiny? No it doesn’t, this is non sense, you can’t judge a women’s value or her ability to make you happy by the number of men she has slept with. It comes down to how she values her self and if she chooses to indulge her sexual desires by sleeping with multiple partners in a mature and responsible way, she should be free to do so.

So where does this notion stem from? I believe it’s that all-powerful ever elusive hard-wired evolutionary instinct – Survival an inherently male imperative; to spread our seed far and wide as possible with a big pat on the back for jack the lad who’s banged over 100 women. On the flip side the female evolutionary imperative dictates that woman mate with one man, bear his kids and nurture them to the best of her ability – the good wife.

The whore on the other hand is a threat to both genders, she is for all intents and purposes a competitor. She’s sexually powerful enough to take your man and has enough choices to discard him if he doesn’t provide her with what she desires. She’s a bitch, a slag, a whore, marginalised and ridiculed by society and we buy in to this.

But what exactly are we buying in to? I’ll tell you, we’re buying to an unrealistic and outdated perception of women that stifles their growth as sentient sexual beings who should be free to explore their every desire without fear of judgment. Because of this, we end up with repression to the point where most women are not even comfortable expressing their deepest sexual desires due to many years of social conditioning.

If you can help to rid her of these shackles and social dogmas, and provide an environment where she is free to embrace her sexuality you’ll unleash passion and raw desire like never before.